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Here are some additional services:

Plus Your Yard and Plus Fire Ants

Focus on ticks & fleas
Ticks and fleas can be a health hazard for both people and pets. Most people encounter ticks and fleas in their own yards. Our goal is to control ticks and fleas in your yard and reduce your exposure to those that might carry disease. We’ll take these steps:

• Identify areas where ticks and fleas hide
• Determine the best control methods for your yard’s unique features

• Control tick and flea populations quickly and suggest season-long protection methods


Focus on fire ants

Being outside is less enjoyable if you’re worried about fire ants. We can provide control of existing fire ant mounds and prevent new mounds from forming.


Plus Mole or Gopher

Focus on Mole or Gopher

You spend a lot of time and money maintaining your yard & landscaping.  Don’t let moles and gophers destroy your flower beds and yard.  We can guarantee your yard to be free of moles and gophers year round.


Going Green

Want to go Green? We also offer a HomeZone green service that can do everything mentioned above but with the use of 100% green products. Ran on a monthly basis, this service can be as effective as the other services we offer but with no worry about the impact to the environment, your family, or your pets.





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