What Do You Want to See
  Are you sick and tired and hungering for a new life? We all have those days where we wished things were different. One can slip into a fantasy world where everything lacking comes our way. In this fantasy world we have all we could ever want, a good life, plenty of money, lots of things, and maybe a gorgeous home. Everything works out and all is well.


   Ah, but that fantasy life is not real and soon we must plunge back into reality. In the here and now, we may not have all we want. We may have struggles that fantasy world did not include. So how can things get better when we cannot control things the way we want?

My big brother has everything He ever wanted. He lives in reality all the time. Never does He have to escape reality to get relief. He had His share of trouble. People lied about him spit on him slapped him and killed him in a very violent way. Ah, but that was temporary. He plunged back into this life never to leave again. Do you want to see Him?

Charles Spurgeon said this, “Jesus’ College is the only one in which God’s truth can be really learned; other schools may teach us what is to be believed, but Christ’s alone can show us how to believe it. Let us sit at the feet of Jesus, and by earnest prayer call in His blessed aid that our dull wits may grow brighter, and our feeble understandings may receive heavenly things.”

Wanting to be happy in worldly ways, brings sorrow and unhappiness. Jesus wants you to be happy in this life. Jesus told Peter in Luke 18 verse 30, anyone who leaves everything to follow me will be given more than they gave up in this life (now before they die) and after this life, live eternally with Him. (paraphrase)

The choice is yours. Want to your primary relationship to focus on people, places, or things, to make you happy? Those relationships are temporary. Odds are you will never find a lasting happiness. Want a lasting happiness? Focus on Jesus!

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