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Greetings Everyone!  Have you heard the news? Of course you have. Christians have to keep abreast of happenings in our society. Right? God expects us to pray for our leaders even though we may not agree with them. Did you know our President and the media had a run in today?

Have you heard the news? The Democrats and our President had a falling out today? Of course you have heard this news. At the time of this writing, these two topics have been in the news for going on three years. The author of this site is not taking sides concerning politics or even social events. Both sides of the politic arena have selfish and wrong motives.  Aren’t you glad the creator of the Universe is in charge of America and all other countries for that matter? The intent of this site is to dwell on Good News. The world could use some Good News. Sometimes warnings that make us uncomfortable is good news.

Testimonies serve to strengthen our walk with Jesus. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, Psalm 107:2. The Samaritan woman at the well had such a powerful testimony of Jesus, many came to Jesus through her testimony. This site includes personal testimonies from myself and others and brief articles I have written along with some brief devotions written for my wonderful kids. The devotion page also contains links to devotion sites. Please enjoy the journey!

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Arthur Wedge

Arthur Wayne Wedge is a teacher at a rural public school. He was named after his mother’s dad and John Wayne his mother’s favorite actor. He has served in Christian Ministries for 39 years. He and his wife Raylene have four children. Wayne has a desire to see his family and community come to Christ. He claims to be no different than any other human. In his opinion there are two types of people: sinners and repentant sinners. Wayne is fallible and makes mistakes daily. However, the God he serves is infallible and powerful. His lates book shares thoughts and scripture pointed towards End Time study. This ia a great book to supplement Bible study.

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Unbelief, Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In, Give Your All to Jesus

Want some tips on growing in Christ? This book shares tips on how to keep Spiritually Fit.

Do You Know What You Believe?

Many base their belief in Bible upon family, friends, famous people, or Christian, preachers and teachers. This book focuses on avenues to search out sources of the Bible and learn about biblical heritage first hand.

Computers Can’t Think Outside the Box

For almost 35 years, the author has worked on computers, computer networks, computer programming, and teaching others about computers. This book aims to give confidence to those intimidated by computers.


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In a country torn by political and economic division, it’s time to put your faith and confidence in a living Savior offering an Eternity of peace.

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Available November 1st, 2019

The Doe Creek Clan


The Doe Creek Clan exists to solve local mysteries. A brother and sister and three friends band together with local police to solve a murder in their small community.

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Day 1 Daniel’s Prayer

By Wayne Wedge Prayer to the Living God Ministry for AmericaJanuary 1, 2022 begins a 15 day study of prayer. While my prayer life has improved somewhat over the years. I fall incredibly short of quality time with God. Prayer requires preparation, faith, mercy, and...


By Wayne Wedge How Many Miracles Happen? Not Many. Ministry for America Miracles still happen today. The greatest miracle happens when a sinner repents and becomes a Christian. So what is the purpose for miracles? Consider this example. When Christians get over their...

Fallen Ministers

By Wayne Wedge How Many Preachers Fall? Ministry for America Marty asked the question in his post? "How many Preachers Fall?" He then answered his question, "Many". My question to all is how many kings of Israel fell? All but one! The only king of Israel that did not...

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