Coach One-On-One – 60 Minutes


Enjoy a 60 training session with a proven coach/instructor. There are many ways to do many computer tasks. Pick a coach you trust and use them to learn computer tasks. Coaching sessions must be scheduled ahead of time and Skype must be installed on the student’s computer to use the Skype option. Scheduling hours are 5 pm through 9:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 9 am through 9 pm on Saturdays.  Hurry and get your spot, before the time slots are all taken! Topics include (but not limited to) basic computer knowledge, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating Systems, Office Suites, Excel basics, Excel Macros, Microsoft Word, tips for safely surfing and shopping on the Internet, and antivirus/malware products that make a difference. Students can also request personalized training sessions to meet his or her computing needs.



Benefit from a one-on-one Coach for a whole month to help you gain control of the computer that thinks it is smarter than you are. Skype and other tools are the main vehicles for this training. Presentations and hands-on activities will be used during most sessions.

Coaching/Training Modules:

Basic Computers

Windows 7/Windows 8 Operating Systems

Alternatives to Windows

Basic Office Suite

Basic Word Processing

Basic Spreadsheet

Macros in Excel

Helping with Decisions on a new computer


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